What documents and information are required to complete the tax return?

  • Copy of the last tax return (not always necessary; only for real estate)
  • Tax forms
  • Personal data of taxpayer, wife, children; year of birth, place of residence, school/apprenticeship


  • wage statements (also for additional work)
  • For self-employed activity, balance sheets and profit and loss accounts (also additional income)
  • Pension certificates of the (AHV/IV, pension funds, accident insurance)
  • Confirmation of compensation for loss of earnings (military service, illness, accident) and daily unemployment benefit
  • Divorce judgments/alliance payments or alimony income (including the address of the recipient)
  • Have you received an inheritance gift? Did you make a gift?
  • (Please provide a detailed list of assets received or assets given away. Please indicate whether distributed or undistributed)


Bank vouchers for income and assets from securities (savings books with interest credits, bank statements (wage or investment account, custody account statements) lottery winnings Shares, bonds, funds, cooperative or shares of the companys own AG - GmbH shares, loans granted to private persons or companies)

  • Life insurance policies; certificate of surrender value at the end of the year
  • Debt and interest certificates (certificate of mortgage interest and mortgage) Credit card....
  • Real estate: - Estimate (tax value=yield value)
    documents and receipts for real estate income (rental income) and
    Maintenance costs of the property with documents/ investment costs
    energy saving and environmental protection


  • Professional expenses (e. g. travel to work (bus, train, bicycle, car receipts, etc.) Calculation of working distance and receipts for further training costs)
  • Costs for outside childcare; invoices from Hort/childrens flu with payment documents
  • Pension contributions Pillar 3a - Voluntary contributions to occupational pension plans (Pillar 2 (BVG)) 
  • Personal contributions AHV/IV/EO
  • Canton ZH Insurance premiums: Premium and amounts for health insurance, accident, life and pension insurance (policy enclosed)
  • Supporting documents, if parents or close relatives abroad have been supported, with name, birth year, address
  • Proof of donations, membership fees, contributions to employee associations or political contributions
  • Sickness, accident and disability costs at the end of the year: Invoices or confirmation from your health insurance company with deductibles + franchise (= cost sharing), invoices for dentist, Spitex, hospital/home cure/therapy costs, for prostheses/glasses/aids, for disability-related driving costs, minus payments received from health insurance companies, insurances and allowances for the needless.