Securely shaping your financial future

Secure your retirement savings capital with the private pension plan - Pillar 3a. You will receive professional support in choosing a particularly attractive pension solution. You can save up to CHF 3,000 more in taxes - every year.

P.S..... can fulfill wishes even in old age

The benefit of the first and second column only allows to a few people to continue their usual living standard when they are in the pension age. In a counseling interview without obligations with our precaution experts we can explain to you how you can assure your pension professionally.

Beside the third column – the voluntary, private precaution – are also a lot of other options, which we would like to show you.

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"When I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in life.
Now that I am old, I know its the most important thing."

- Oscar Wilde † 30. November 1900